Feeling Quotes

I have taken many wrong 
decisions in my life.
but when it comes to you,
you'r the best  decision of my life.

Memories can either make you smile, 
or Literally break you down into tears.

Be The Reason someone believes in the goodness of people.

Don't close the book 
when bad things happen in your life,
 just turn the page and
 begin a new Chapter.

The most precious gift you can give someone 
is the gift off your tiime and attention.

No one is coming to save you. 
This life is 100% you'r responsibility.

Don't be too confident
when Someone tells you 
they like you,,
The real question is, 
untill when? because just 
like seasons, people change.

Silent Boy + Talking girl 
Make the perfect pair.

The most painful
godbyes are the 
ones that are never
said, or never

Nothing is permanent,
Don't stress yourself too 
much because no matter 
how bad  the situation is,
it will change.

2019 Changed me 
2020 Broke me
2021 Opened My Eyes
2022 I'm coming Back

I'm a very patient person
and I give plenty of 
second chances,
but I'm not a saint,
I have my limits.

I've seen beauty
in people who
were called ugly
and I've seen the 
devil in the most 
angelic faces.

 Collect good people,truly
good peope... and protect and 
Love  them the best you can.

Don't judge my 
choices when you
don't understand
my reasons.

Even the strongest 
feelings expire when
ignred and taken
for granted.

I wish I had
someone to talk to
when I can't sleep.

I wanna write "I miss you"
on a Rock and Throw it at 
your face so you Know how 
much it hurts to miss you.

create the Life 
you can't wait to
wake up to.

Have patience. 
All things are 
difficult before
they Become EASY.