Breakup quotes images by @ig_Nobita

Problem is that
still I care.

 The most painful memory

i have is of 

when i walked away


you let me leave.

Why try holding onto

the past when  the future

could be so much better.

I hope you're doing fine

all Alone.

A break-up is like a broken mirror,

it is better to leave it broken 

than hurt yourself to fix it .

I would rather die of love

than let love die.

I just hope that you miss me

a little when i'm gone.

So i heard that your dating my ex,

eh? How do i taste sweetie? :)

Missing that one person

but Know i shouldn't


One day they'll realize

they lost a diamond

while playing with

worthless stone.

Hate being ignored.

Be 0 in the  back to 1. To

make that 1 valuable.

Rules are meant to be Broken.