ALONE QUOTES by @ig_Nobita

"Moon! Moon! I am prone 
before you. Pity me, and 
drench me in Loneliness.

"Remember, man does not live 
on  bread alone: sometimes he
needs a little buttering up.

All men's misfortunes spring 
from their hatred of being 

When i'm alone, I can sleeep
crossways in bed without an 

Unless we Love and are  loved,
each of us is alone, each of us
is deeply lonely.

You aren't  going to leave me 
Alone are you?

Don't go away. I don't want to 
be Alone. I can't  stand being

What a Lovely surprise to finally
discover  how unlonely being

You cannot be lonely if you like
the person you're alone with.

Freedom of being alone is 

I never have tantrums. if 
anything makes me mad,  I'm 
silent. if I'm not talking, 
leave me Alone.

Self-Knowledge, Self-Control;
these three alone lead  one to 
sovereign powe.

Virtue is Not Left to Stand alone.
He who practices 
it will have neighbors.

The longer one is alone,
the easier it is to hear the song  of
the EARTH.

Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.

I may climb Perhaps to No 
great heights, but i will cliimb

Remember, man does not live
on bread alone: Sometimes he 
needs a little buttering up.

Grant that I may not pray alone 
with the mouth; help me that 
i may pray from the depths of

You aren't going to leave me
alone are you?

It's amazing living alone. I'm 
very lucky. it's like a Refuge.

The Soul That Sees Beauty May
Sometimes Walk Alone.